Jamie Shaw

JD Shaw

J.D. Shaw’s writing is laced with a love of travel and his joy in celebrating difference. Infused with subtle social commentary, his work shines a spotlight on the often-bizarre conundrums of modern Australian life and our muddled road to an uncertain future.

J.D. Shaw’s first book, Iso and the Bushfire, won the NSW Writers Centre’s Open Book Award for Children’s Fiction in 2007.

Spit It Out!, a collection of poetry and short texts, was published in 2010. His writing has also been published in Wet Ink Magazine and the anthology Everyday Splendour.

In Arcadia is a dark but playful journey to post climate change suburbia. An enclave of outrageous entitlement, Arcadia’s community zealously defends its affluence from an increasingly desperate outside world.

His new novel Thirst is gentle and hauntingly beautiful cli-fi road-trip, that meanders through an outback broken by unending drought. Interwoven through a vast Australian landscape, Thirst explores the future challenges caused by our present inaction on climate change and our over-exploitation of natural resources and, at its conclusion, reveals a glimmer of hope at the chaotic end of the 21st century.

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Beyond climate tipping points there is the time of The Failing. Harry Sinclair, aging exCeo of Clearwater Corporation, travels the fringes of an everexpanding Australian desert. Perched on a dray pulled by his only companion, a fractious camel, Harry is haunted by his past as a water prospector who, in the search for water, drove the beleaguered inhabitants of the west from their lands..