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Beyond climate tipping points there is the time of The Failing. Harry Sinclair, aging exCeo of Clearwater Corporation, travels the fringes of an everexpanding Australian desert. Perched on a dray pulled by his only companion, a fractious camel, Harry is haunted by his past as a water prospector who, in the search for water, drove the beleaguered inhabitants of the west from their lands.

A gentle and hauntingly beautiful clifi roadtrip, Thirst meanders through an outback broken by unending drought. Interwoven through a vast Australian landscape, Thirst explores the future challenges caused by our present inaction on climate change and our overexploitation of natural resources and, at its conclusion, reveals a glimmer of hope at the chaotic end of the 21st century.

Price: $23.41 AUD

In Arcadia

In Acardia, set in an Australia feeling the full economic and environmental effects of climate change, sees inner-city couple Chloe and Tom move to a planned community with their son Jasper after a frightening home invasion.

Although Arcadia seems like an idyllic escape from the problems of the city, Tom soon discovers the nasty reality behind the community’s pretty façade.

Price: $7.72 AUD

Spit It Out!

Poetry Book

Short texts and poems Injected with venom and vengeance, beauty and bitterness, Spit it out! leads us through dark evocative memories to some truly wicked tantrums.

Price: $18.00 AUD


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Iso and the Bushfire

(Children and Young Adults Section)

“Iso and the Bushfire” is a children’s story like few others. A tale of a young bandicoot’s first experience with a bushfire burning through her heath-land home. Written from a uniquely ecological perspective the story introduces young readers to the cycles of nature, the Australian bush, and its unique plants and animals, through their experiences with a destructive but vital force in the ecological cycle – bushfire. Currently this book is out of stock.

The books illustrator, Fusae Ikeda is a Sydney based graphic artist. Fusae's strong Japanese aesthetic and her more recent life in Australia give the books illustrations a distinctive beauty all of their own.